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Write songs. Play things. Make noise. Collaborate. Share. Be loud. Be quiet. Explore. Be raw. Support others. Be fierce. Be gentle. Embrace imperfections.


Piano Pieces

Several piano pieces and songs to be released on my birthday, the 11th of the january | all proceeds will go to The World Food Programme:  www.wfp.org 

*some tracks may be updated with re-recorded or remastered material between now and the release date

releases January 11, 2021

all rights reserved


compléter | verticule | manœuvre


Vocals | Only 
neuf - une | Recorded | Approx. Four Hours 
Improvisations | All 
Live | One Take 
quinze - bonus track 

50% of all proceeds will go to World Food Program:  www.wfp.org 
50% will go towards investing in a solar panel to record with green/clean energy

released October 19, 2020

all rights reserved


©2020 Laurie McNamee. All Rights Reserved.