©2019 by Laurie McNamee

Stay Where You Are, But
Change is The Only Thing That Remains

(If I) only get love

When I beg

Weigh it up

High on the edge

Bathe in your sins

Hide on the firing line

Oh dear

Can't save you fire

Hold it up

Lightning both sides

Holding up

Weighing onto your core


Hide on the edge


Indifference Through Silence
I am silent, I am wrong

I faced you like I could go on

But I'm stuck inside this iron maiden

I failed just like I could have won

I am like a haunted tome

Falling off and on the road

I am a like a loaded gun

Going off on the final round

(I'm) Lost within your silence 
(I'm) Lost within your silence 

(It's) Dead within the silence
(I'm) Dead within the silence

'The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.'


A Rip In The Understanding Of The Universe
Even when

The body was broken

And the mind

Cracked at the seams

I step forwards

With my arms open

And search for you

To ask you to come

I take all of the wires to rearrange

The sirens in my mind sounding loud again

I swim against the noises

That sound all night

Can we hide beneath the covers

Our reflection weakens

Slurred to remind us

We looked away, returned to a different world

Stepped so far beyond you

We were lost behind

I can't turn back, I've gone too far ahead