Current and Past Projects

Nivôse , present -

vocals and guitar

The Edited Ark, 2018 to present -

drums and vocals

Songs: Molina, A Memorial Electric Co. 2018 -


Farmers Manual - words

'Do I have To Be Alright, All Of The Time', Jason Molina Benefit Concert and Album, London, UK, 2012 -


Rafeali and The Real / Free Money, 2012 - 2017 -

vocals and percussion

beware! the crows bite, 2013 -

vocals, guitar, accordion

Lady With The Lempke, 2009 to present -

vocals, guitar, banjo, bandolin, accordion and harmonium

Ophey and The Wilderness, 2008 to 2011 -

vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion 

Fish Beast, 2016 -


Be My Friend In Exile, 2013 -


Bobby George Appreciation Society, 2005 to 2007 -

vocals, guitar, bass and drums (not all at the same time ;-) )

Chelsea Opera Group, 2014 to 2018 -

1st Soprano

Including: I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Bellini, conducted by Robin Newton

Stiffelio, Verdi, conducted by Brad Cohen

 "Powerful Women" - Lord Mayor's Appeal concert at Guildhall (various composers) conducted by Gianluca Marcianò

Cristina, regina di Svezia, Foroni, conducted by Andrew Greenwood

Le roi de Lahore, Massenet, conducted by Renato Balsadonna

LoL Choir 2015

East European Choir, 2012
Directed by Eugenia Georgieva and Polina Sheperd

SOAS World Music Choir, 2006

Anglia Chamber Choir, 2001 to 2002

M.E.M.E, 2001 to2004


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